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3 bottles of Strikeback Natural Insect & Bug Repellent lined up in the dirt. Grass behind he 3 bottles.

+ All natural ingredients

+ DEET - Free

+ Parent approved: safe for entire family & pets

+ Repels for 6+ hours

+ 4oz bottle fits everywhere from a purse to a pocket

+ Pleasant scent & moisturising feel

+ Camp, hike, boat, fish, work, hunt, bbq, golf, garden & more! Be outside & worry free from Zika, West Nile, and other insect-borne diseases

+ Repels against mosquitoes, green flies, chiggers, gnats, ticks, no-see-ums and more.

"Worth It! Get It!" - "Living in Florida or yard is infested with mosquitoes at night and early morning, at this time of year, which makes enjoying the outdoors a bit of a challenge. I bought this on a whim for my wife and kids. We took it to the state park that is notorious for insects and mosquitoes. I must say... I had my doubts knowing that this product is deet-free but this stuff worked really well! We applied it to my wife and my face, neck and arms as well as our children and not one of us had bites, even after two hours of playing outside. Smells really good too."

"Worth it! Get It!" - S.M

"Really Works" - "This Natural Insect & Bud Repellent is seriously AWESOME.It really,really works.We went camping with a whole lot of family members last week and emptied a whole bottle of this stuff.We had some nasty biting flies that bit all week end long and this spray repellent them."

"Really Works" - #1M

"Awesome for sensitive skin" - "This bug and insect repellent is hands down the most effective essential oils based repellent I have ever tried. I took it on my journey to the Florida swamps and couldn't believe how well this stuff worked. If you're like me and synthetic based bug sprays cause skin irritations, then this is the alternative you want to try. It seemed I had to re-apply more often than regular spray, but that's not a problem because it smells amazingly fresh. Highly recommended."

"Awesome For Sensitive Skin" - JB

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"Works Great" - "This smells wonderful for a bug repellent wow! I live in Colorado and we are all very worried about West Nile out here. I have two smaller children/babies and I really don't like using the Aerosol repellents on them. This is great because it is a pump style that is a much more controlled application. It is natural. It smells natural. It is not the kind of repellent that takes your breath away and you feel like you are poisoning yourself! It is a great formula. It works. It works well actually. With my 5 month old baby, I just sprayed around his blanket and his car seat a little for our walk. He did not get one bite. I am keeping this in my diaper bag now. It's hard to find a good, safe, nice-smelling repellent for the younger kids. I also used this on myself and I did not get bitten at all as well. Great product."

"Works Great" - B.B.S

"All Natural Bug Spray That Works" - "I wore this spray at night while sitting around a fire. Usually I get bit up by mosquitoes. I didn't have any mosquito bites! I really love that it's all natural and I don't have to worry about chemicals. Especially important if your pregnant!"

"All Natural Bug Spray That Works" - MN

"A barrier that doesn't break" - "This product by far is incredible! 👍👍 Has a very smooth relaxing aroma,It gets the job done!! I live on the water where mosquitoes and gnats are a nuisance Finally i can enjoy outside during any time or event no itch no bites I am very satisfied also when applicated. No burn no dry skin no cough. I've tried almost every repellent nothing tops StrikeBack and the beauty of all its natural no deet no harmful chemicals its safe. Thank you StrikeBack finally a force field I can depend on."

"A Barrier That Doesn't Break" - JB

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Strikeback Natural Insect & Bug Repellent bottle sitting on a bike. Bike Wheel.
Strikeback Natural Insect & Bug Repellent bottle sitting with garden supplies. Hose, shovel, sprayer, dirt.
Strikeback Natural Insect & Bug Repellent bottle laying around tools. Tool box.
Display case of 8 bottles of Strikeback Natural Insect & Bug Repellent. Blue display case.
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